The Government of Pakistan (GOP) strives to improve its citizens’ quality of life and economic well-being by ensuring availability of accessible, affordable, reliable, universal and high quality ICT services. GOP strongly believes in mass adoption of emerging digital technologies and innovative applications to enable cross-sector socio-economic development and transformation of economic activities, governance models, social interaction, and achievement of sustainable development goals.

Information technology has assumed a central enabling role in the emerging dynamics of a knowledge society and knowledge economy.

“US technology giant, Google, says Pakistan is quickly becoming a “digital-first country”, which means there are new opportunities for brands to reach and engage with consumers that may have previously been overlooked”.

There’s a reason Pakistan is attracting interest from major foreign investors. With an economy powered by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and a rapidly growing population of mobile users, the country is on track to produce one of the largest digital audiences in the world. Here’s what you need to know about the developments happening in Pakistan, and why it should be on your radar.


is the first Digital Pakistan conference. We bringing together the largest gathering of globally successful entrepreneurs, technology experts, and leaders in order to position Pakistan as a tech hub and to talk about main 5 Pillars of Digitization in Pakistan.

Given the increased IT demand and growth, it has become vital to introduce its 1st Digital Pakistan Conference: where we can discuss the transformation of all sectors of socio-economic development; their accelerated digitization, and transformational modernization into integrated components of a complete knowledge based economy.

Digitalization is another step towards prosperity taken by Pakistan. Through digitalization, all segments of the society will have equal access to the government services.

It is an opportunity for the industry to acquire the knowledge and vision through the various Govt. Dignitaries and their Vision for the future directions of Pakistan positioning locally and globally. The conference will also provide access to all of its participants, a unique opportunity to build an understanding of Govt. Initiatives as well as have access to all of the solution providers, consultants and facilitators under one roof.

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